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Optional concurrency

concurrency: number

Maximum amount of part jobs to run concurrently. Default is 3.

Optional disableIntegrityCheck

disableIntegrityCheck: boolean

Disable checking integrity of uploaded files. On slower devices it can boost upload performance (disable counting md5 from file parts)

Optional intelligent

intelligent: boolean | "fallback"

Enable/disable intelligent ingestion. If truthy then intelligent ingestion must be enabled in your Filestack application. Passing true/false toggles the global intelligent flow (all parts are chunked and committed). Passing 'fallback' will only use FII when network conditions may require it (only failing parts will be chunked).

Optional intelligentChunkSize

intelligentChunkSize: number

Set the default intiial chunk size for Intelligent Ingestion. Defaults to 8MB on desktop and 1MB on mobile.

Optional onProgress

onProgress: (evt: FSProgressEvent) => void

Callback for progress events.

Type declaration

Optional onRetry

onRetry: () => void

Callback for retry events.

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional partSize

partSize: number

Maximum size for file slices. Is overridden when intelligent=true. Default is 6 * 1024 * 1024 (6MB).

Optional progressInterval

progressInterval: number

How often to report progress. Default is 1000 (in milliseconds).

Optional retry

retry: number

Retry limit. Default is 10.

Optional retryFactor

retryFactor: number

Factor for exponential backoff on server errors. Default is 2.

Optional retryMaxTime

retryMaxTime: number

Upper bound for exponential backoff. Default is 15000.

Optional tags

Define upload tags to be passed to webhook





Optional timeout

timeout: number

Timeout for network requests. Default is 120000.